3 Reasons Why You Should Book JC



I've hosted hundreds of weddings in the last few years, working with some of the best wedding coordinators and suppliers in the country. Contrary to what you might think, it doesn't just take an overactive mouth to successfully entertain a room full of wedding guests. Weddings have highs and lows: moments of spontaneous comedy and barely contained drama. Our family situations can be complicated, and big social gatherings are sometimes tricky, emotional, and awkwardly human. Think of your rowdy friend, your boring uncle, and your embarrassingly flirty aunt. A good host should be able to navigate all your social groups with ease and flair, and there's no script for that kind of thing. Talent helps, but there is no substitute for experience.

A host can break or make your wedding, and JC made ours an AWESOME one. He’s a host that can do both: be classy and sophisticated, and also be funny and crazy with the guests. He’ll surely wow your guests the moment he starts the program. Book him and you will never regret it!
— Melvin and Andee

When the sh*t hits the fan, a good host is the best backup plan. 

You might be the most organized bridezilla to ever walk the face of the earth. Your coordinator might be the three-time world champion of the Wedding Planner Olympics (there's no such thing). But as soon as the program starts, so many things are beyond your control. When rain starts to pour and everyone is outside, when the generator conks out, when the video doesn't play, and when the sound system just decides to stop working, who will stand in front of your guests and keep the awkwardness at bay? Who will rise to the occasion and, with a wink and a smile, make them feel that in spite of whatever just happened, it's still a lovely night? Probably not your coordinator. Certainly not your DJ friend. And it definitely shouldn't be you.

JC is THE BEST. We handed him the keys and he dealt with ALL the unexpected things in stride. Even when it rained during our outdoor reception. We’re super thankful and would definitely book him again for our next weddings. LOL.
— Jay and Linnel

JC literally saved our wedding day. When everything went into shambles he knew how to make things work. Booking him was one of the best things that happened to our wedding!
— JM and Judy


Hosting a wedding isn't easy, but it shouldn't be complicated either. At the end of the day you just want each guest to go home with a stomach full of good food, a head full of wonderful memories, and a heart full of affection for you. I can't do much about the food, but I believe I know the secret to achieving the other two. It's all about connection. A good host knows how to connect with you as a couple, how to connect to the audience whoever they may be, and how to connect you, in the most authentic way, to your guests. 

JC has so much passion for his craft and it was clear that everyone had a great time. We appreciate how he catered to our guests with such flair. JC did a great job!
— Paul and Gem

Our guests kept asking about him during and after our wedding! Thank you JC for the very lively and spontaneous program on our special day!
— John and Paula

Here are the answers to some questions that soon-to-weds usually ask me.

What's included in your rate?

My professional fee covers my service as your reception's master of ceremonies. As soon as the program starts my job is to ensure that it flows smoothly from start to finish. I arrive at the venue around one hour before the reception program starts, and I will stay until the program is finished. The afterparty is not included in the reception program.

Will you make our reception program?

I will give you my suggested outline of the program, which is based on my experience of what works best to keep things lively and interesting. We can then customize the outline together via a face-to-face or online meeting. I'm always game to try a new approach and discuss how we can best pull it off. The final program, with its timeline of events from preps, to ceremony, to reception, and its various notes to all suppliers, is best done by your coordinator.

How many meetings will we have?

After booking me as your host, one productive meeting is enough for us to come up with a great program. A month or two away from the wedding date would be ideal. This is to ensure that all of the wedding details are final (and that it's pushing through), and that the you are very much in "wedding mode". Regarding the former, yes I've had some couples call off their weddings a few months before. As for the latter, you'll find that wedding planning comes in spurts of enthusiasm, and you'll be most enthusiastic and most decisive when you know it's coming up in a couple of months, so let's strike while the iron is hot. Also, it's not always necessary to have a meeting, especially if you prefer to stick to my suggested outline. It's up to you though.

How do we book you?

Kindly send me a message to inquire about my availability on your date. Just hit the CONTACT button above and please provide the details of your wedding. I'll respond as soon as I can.